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Proserpine Hinterland Festival


Featuring the Proserpine Rock Wallaby

Exhibition Theme: "Enchanted Hinterland: A Celebration of Proserpine's Biodiversity"

Welcome to the Proserpine Hinterland Festival, a dynamic celebration blending art, culture, and environmental consciousness. Set against the scenic backdrop of Proserpine, this inaugural event invites you to explore hidden sculptures, engage with local artists, and join a community-driven initiative fostering pride and unity.

Art Exhibition Details

LOCATION:  Proserpine



Entries open:           31 January 2025

Entries close:           4 April 2025

Conditions of Entry and Entry Forms

Terms & Conditions now available

Rock Wallaby Treasure Hunt

Embark on an exciting adventure with the Proserpine Hinterland Festival's Wallaby Treasure Hunt, an immersive experience set to captivate participants of all ages. Utilising a dedicated app, explore our town's hidden treasures – unique sculptures strategically placed in parks, landmarks, and businesses. Engage in interactive challenges and activities, collaborating with friends and family to uncover interesting facts and discover cultural and historical gems. Capture your journey with photos and videos, creating enduring memories as you explore new places and support local businesses.

Handmade Markets

The Proserpine Hinterland Festival's Handmade Markets promise a tapestry of local craftsmanship, embodying the festival's character and showcasing remarkable talent. Featuring skilled local artisans and businesses, these markets curate a diverse array of unique, handcrafted products. Beyond fostering a sense of community, supporting the markets becomes a means of investing in our local economy, contributing to its growth. Attendees can expect to discover treasures reflecting the town's distinctive character. 

Art Exhibition

Theme: Enchanted Hinterland: A Celebration of Proserpine's Biodiversity

Experience the Proserpine Hinterland Festival's dynamic fusion of nature and art. Beyond the Wallaby Treasure Hunt, the festival boasts a central Art Exhibition, a vibrant showcase of our local artists' exceptional talent. This exhibition serves as a focal point, drawing attention to environmental themes. Local artists are not only invited but encouraged to infuse their creations with elements that raise awareness about our unique flora and fauna, creating a powerful intersection of art and environmental education.

Cultural Connection

Music and dance from various traditions breathe life into the atmosphere, creating a rhythmic blend that echoes the spirit of the land. Culinary experiences, ranging from traditional to contemporary, invite attendees to savor diverse flavors. The Fringe Event transcends entertainment; it's a communal expression of respect for all cultures, fostering cross-cultural connections and appreciation. This celebration of diversity creates an inclusive space for shared experiences and cultural exchange.

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Did You Know

The Proserpine Rock Wallaby has been listed as endangered since 1992, because of restricted distribution, fragmented and declining habitat and low numbers

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