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Whitsunday Coast Chamber of Commerce Unveils Bold Vision for Arts, Culture, and Heritage

In a dynamic and forward-thinking session, the Whitsunday Coast Chamber of Commerce convened a focus group to discuss the future of arts, culture, and heritage in the region. This 'hour of power' brought together stakeholders, sparking engaging discussions and the emergence of innovative ideas aimed at shaping the cultural landscape of Whitsunday.

Five key messages emerged from this lively discourse:

1. Economic Recognition: Participants emphasized the need to highlight the significant economic, social, and health contributions made by the arts and culture sector in the region.

2. Arts and Culture Hub: The group recommended establishing a dedicated regional arts and culture precinct. This hub could serve as an educational outreach point and provide multiple spaces to support various art forms.

3. Cultural Committee: The formation of a Cultural Committee was proposed to help advise and guide regional plans, funding opportunities, and provide cultural expertise.

4. Diverse Funding Sources: In addition to government funding, the group urged exploring innovative revenue sources such as a tourist levy, contributions from the business sector, and philanthropy.

5. Short-Term Activation: The importance of activating local artists and creatives to generate momentum, increase activity, and foster collaborations within the region was highlighted as a short-term strategy.

The Whitsunday Coast Chamber of Commerce emphasized its independent, apolitical, and self-funded status. The Vision for the Whitsundays project is an initiative of the Chamber, not commissioned by the Council or any other organization.

The project's final report, set for release in May 2024, will present a comprehensive vision for the region, incorporating the diverse ideas and recommendations gathered. To further contribute to the project, interested parties are encouraged to provide formal submissions or complete the online survey available on the Chamber's website:

With a clear roadmap ahead, the Vision for the Whitsundays project is poised to shape the region's cultural future, drawing upon the input and support of stakeholders, and creating a vibrant cultural landscape for all to enjoy.

To learn more about the Chamber and their work, visit their website:

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