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Haley Vogel

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Haley Vogel is an enthusiastic educator and dedicated artist, known for her passion for ceramics and commitment to fostering creativity. Her educational journey began with the completion of a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching, with a focus on visual arts and a minor in communications, providing her with a strong academic foundation.

From 2018 to 2019, Haley shared her knowledge as a high school Media & Visual Arts teacher, where she embraced the opportunity to nurture young talents and inspire a love for creativity in her students.

In late 2020, she established Creative Co-Lab, where Haley has been conducting ceramics classes for adults, focusing on creating a supportive environment for individuals to explore their artistic side. Over the past three years, her classes have offered a space for her students to experiment with ceramics and discover their creative potential.

In 2021, Haley took a leap and founded Haley J Ceramics, specializing in producing functional ceramic pieces, which have found a place in local stores and online marketplaces. With a sincere interest in glaze chemistry, she has been experimenting with new glazes for functional and decorative ceramics at cones 6-10, striving to bring innovation to her craft.

Haley shares her artistic journey on her website,, and on social media, where she can be found at @haleyjceramics and @creative.co_lab, modestly showcasing her creative process and connecting with a growing community of art enthusiasts and fellow craftsmen.

Haley's dedication to her students and her art, coupled with her desire to continually learn and grow, exemplifies her as a respected figure in the realm of ceramics and education.

Haley Vogel

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