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Glenda Brown (Solomon)

Exhibition Coordinator

Glenda Brown (Solomon) is a passionate artist and the creative force behind Maitri Studio, where she crafts stunning artworks that emanate tranquility and beauty. Her journey as an artist was rekindled after a profound life-altering experience with a severe illness, which led her to rediscover her childhood passion for art.

With a profound commitment to self-love and kindness, Glenda named her studio "Maitri," drawing inspiration from a Buddhist practice that aligns with her artistic vision. Located in the picturesque coastal town of Airlie Beach, Glenda's studio serves as a sanctuary where she channels her creativity and builds her art practice.

Throughout her career, Glenda has worn various hats, reflecting her diverse talents and dedication. She dedicated three years to the Whitsundays Arts Festival, contributing significantly to the local art scene. As the Exhibition Coordinator, she took on the responsibility of managing the prestigious Whitsundays Arts Prize Exhibition in both 2021 and 2022, showcasing her remarkable organizational skills. Her tenure as the Secretary on the Whitsundays Arts Festival Executive Committee demonstrated her commitment to fostering artistic community engagement.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Glenda boasts a remarkable 25-year tenure as a Company Director at SureBridge IT, where she honed her expertise in business planning, strategy, sales, and marketing. Her multifaceted career path reflects her unwavering dedication to the arts and her continuous pursuit of excellence.

Glenda's artistic journey has been enriched by her dedication to learning. She has pursued a wide range of art education, from portrait courses at the London College of Art to oil portrait glazing with the Will Kemp Art School. Her thirst for knowledge led her to workshops with renowned artists like Andrew Bonneau and Kristy Gordon, as well as studio classes covering various mediums.

Her active participation in art-related networks and organizations underscores her commitment to the arts community. Glenda is a proud member of Artists Network, Down2Art, Draw Paint Academy, Whitsundays Arts Festival, Creative Connections Whitsunday, and Artists Connect, actively contributing to the vibrant art scene.

Furthermore, Glenda's generosity extends to the community, as evidenced by her contributions to fundraising and charity events. In 2017, she selflessly donated her artwork to support Volunteer Marine Rescue's fundraising dinner, showcasing her dedication to using art as a force for good.

Currently, Glenda is immersed in a captivating artistic endeavor, working on a series of self-portraits that reflect her life's profound journey. Her art encapsulates the essence of peacefulness, serenity, and beauty, making her a cherished member of the artistic community and a true beacon of inspiration. Glenda's story continues to evolve, painting a vivid canvas of her remarkable life and contributions to the world of art and beyond.

Glenda Brown (Solomon)

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