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Jacqui Henderson


Jacqui Henderson, a seasoned Customer Service Agent with over a decade of experience at Coral Sea Marina, is not just a passionate artist but also a multifaceted professional. Her artistic journey is complemented by an impressive career history.

Beginning in 1992, Jacqui ventured into the business world as the owner-operator and company director of Power Boat Services NZ. Over the years, she assumed the role of financial administrator and continued to excel until 2000.

In 2010, Jacqui took on the role of company director at Marine Park Pty Ltd NZ, once again showcasing her financial acumen. This diverse experience laid the foundation for her multifaceted approach to life and art.

In addition to her thriving career, Jacqui has been a dedicated member of the artistic community. She served as the treasurer for Art Whitsunday for three terms, demonstrating her commitment to supporting local art initiatives. Jacqui's involvement extended further into the world of exploration, as she contributed to Whitsunday Paradise Explorer from 2016 to 2020.

In 2020, she took on the responsibilities of an administrator and later became a director and financial administrator at Kelebek Pty Ltd. This experience further enriched her understanding of business operations.

Jacqui's artistic journey reached new heights in 2019 when she founded True Heart Connections. As its owner-operator and financial administrator, she passionately shares the joy of "Quirky Art" and the belief that art is a universal language. Her dedication to fostering connections and joy through art is truly inspiring.

Even with her flourishing artistic pursuits, Jacqui continues to excel in her full-time role at Coral Sea Marina, where she has been a customer service stalwart since 2011. She also lends her expertise to assist with accounts as needed.

In 2023, Jacqui extended her commitment to the artistic community by becoming a part of Creative Connections Whitsunday Inc. Her multifaceted journey, spanning art, business, and community involvement, reflects her unwavering belief that art has the power to connect hearts and bring joy to the world.

Jacqui Henderson

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