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Leigh Skead


As the President of Creative Connections Whitsunday, Leigh Skead brings a unique blend of professional expertise and artistic passion to the organization's leadership. With a background in accounting, advanced degrees in NLP and hypnotherapy, and a self-taught watercolour artist, Leigh Skead is a multifaceted individual committed to fostering the growth and vibrancy of the art community.

Leigh Skead has a Degree in Business with a specialised focus on establishing a robust groundwork within the art organisation. Complemented by advanced qualifications in NLP and hypnotherapy, Leigh’s expertise empowers individuals to achieve enduring positive transformations, harnessing the mind's potential to surmount obstacles, boost well-being, and unlock their fullest potential.

Beyond Leigh Skead's business acumen lies a deep-seated passion for watercolour art. She is a self-taught artist with a genuine love for the medium. She has further honed her artistic skills by attending courses at McGregor Art School in Toowoomba and The Tanks in Cairns.

Leigh has proudly exhibited her watercolour creations in prestigious art exhibitions across the Whitsundays, including Airlie Beach, Cannonvale, Proserpine, and Sarina. Her art has garnered attention and appreciation from art enthusiasts and fellow artists alike.

In addition to her professional and artistic pursuits, Leigh Skead dedicates time to collaborate with resourceful entrepreneurs, contributing valuable insights from her diverse background to foster creativity and innovation.

As President of Creative Connections Whitsunday, Leigh plays a pivotal role in guiding the organization's strategic direction, ensuring financial stability, and nurturing a vibrant artistic community. She is dedicated to promoting art in all its forms and nurturing emerging talents within the organization's sphere.


Leigh Skead is an inspiring leader whose dynamic background in finance, art, and personal development enriches Creative Connections Whitsunday's mission. She remains deeply committed to advancing the arts and fostering an environment where creativity thrives.

Leigh Skead

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