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Linda Forrester


Linda Forrester is an accomplished artist and educator, whose creative journey has been a testament to her deep-rooted passion for art and her dedication to nurturing the artistic spirit in her community.

Originally hailing from New South Wales, Linda embarked on a transformative journey in 1988 when she made the enchanting Whitsundays her home. Today, she resides in Strathdickie, where she operates Pink Tank Studio alongside her daughter, Haley Vogel.

Linda’s artistic prowess is grounded in her academic foundation. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree, with a focus on painting and sculpture, a testament to her commitment to mastering her craft.

In her role as a prominent artist in the Whitsundays, Linda has left an indelible mark on the local landscape. She has created ten stunning murals that adorn the region and created over 500 individual artworks reflecting her deep connection to nature, social issues, and her fascination with materiality.

Beyond her artistic endeavours, Linda has been a stalwart supporter of the local art community. For an impressive 23 years, she was an active member of Art Whitsunday Inc, where she played pivotal roles in coordinating exhibitions, curating the gallery, and serving on the executive committee for several years.

In 2017, Linda’s commitment to the artistic health of the Whitsunday community led her to become a founding member of Creative Connections Whitsunday Inc. Through this initiative, she continues to foster collaboration and creativity among local artists.

As an educator, Linda’s influence extends into the classroom. She has shared her expertise with students of all levels, having worked as an art teacher at Whitsunday Christian College in the past. She has also been a dedicated private art tutor at her studio since 2010, offering valuable guidance to aspiring young artists.

Linda’s current artistic endeavour speaks to her profound commitment to social issues. She is presently working on a poignant body of work that addresses the welfare of children facing adverse childhood events, including neglect, abuse, and parental separation. Passionate about uniting the Whitsunday art community, Linda is eager to see artists come together and forge a strong bond that strengthens the region’s artistic spirit.

Linda Forrester

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