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Clear Waves on the Whitsundays



Clear Waves on the Whitsundays

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My unique technique of pouring resins and acrylics with spoons has driven me toward highly experimental work in recent years. Known for my ocean inspired fluid abstracts, this style is a new concept evolved from my solo exhibition in 2018 'Vivid', a collection of transparent artworks. Using a clear acrylic sheet for a canvas, I have painted a ‘floating’ wave and suspended it within a deep framed box. The blue tinted waves take you right to the water edge with the transparency of the canvas and the wet-looking wave splashing right through the middle of the piece. Immerse yourself under the surface of the waves as the resin splash projects a shadow, giving depth and intensifying the rich tones of the Whitsundays water.

Resin on acrylic, framed


Width x Height x Depth




Clear Waves on the Whitsundays
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