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20 degrees of separation (Whitehaven, QLD)



20 degrees of separation (Whitehaven, QLD)

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This work is a meditation on my wayfaring practice at Whitehaven Beach, the second of six sites for my PhD fieldwork (three in North Queensland and three in Tasmania). In collaboration with the landscape, I created alchemical transformations using minute seawater samples and grains of sand collected from my shoes after long wayfaring journeys along the water's edge. Infra-red photography captured water, rocks, and leaves during six nights and seven days at Whitehaven Beach. Physical samples were returned to the site after patinas were commenced on copper plates, with images made after a 12-month patination process, beginning at the water's edge and culminating in high-resolution scans in 2023. The resulting artwork is a bodily, visual, and material trace within the liminal zone of the shoreline at Australia's 20th latitude.

Composite image on brushed aluminium


Width x Height x Depth




20 degrees of separation (Whitehaven, QLD)
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