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Artists Gather for a Creative Day at Pink Tank Studio & Whitsunday Gold Coffee

A group of artists recently came together at Pink Tank Studio, on the 14 September, for a day filled with creativity and learning. They dived into the world of art, exploring "negative space" and "lost and found edges."

The group explored how to use these negative space areas to make their paintings, drawings, and artworks more engaging and more convincing to the eye. Sometimes the negative space is all that is painted, leaving a positive image to emerge from the background.

The discussion then moved to "lost and found edges." This is about making some edges in art a bit fuzzy to create a special effect. It's like making things appear and disappear in your artwork, leaving the viewers eye to fill in the missing parts.

To explore these tools further, they looked at the work of famous artists and tried to spot these elements in their art.

The second creative day for the month was held at Whitsunday Gold Coffee on the 28th. This was a smaller group but those who made it spent their time sketching the gardens and birds in the cafe. It was nice to see a few old faces return after a break.

(Left: Tree Drawing from Peter)

Dialogue from Leigh about her experience at the Creative Day:

"What a magic Creative Day.

Even though only a small group of 3 and a 4th for 90 mins. The art talk was very constructive.. or at least it was for me because I scored fabulous advise.

This landscape I have painted on canvas several times but it always ends up feeling "boring" to me.

So I asked Peter (artist of the tree drawing) and Kerry (artist of leaves & tree) for tips.

They looked at my photo and suggested where they would put the:

  • Focus area

  • be careful with the gap between the 3 trees and the small one, cos if the gap is to large that's where the focus goes... off into nothing.

  • they both said they would include the reflections on the water and shade on the land

  • and the trees to the left of the right hand white tree need to non descript.

Thanks heaps Kerry & Peter"

In October, Creative Days will be held at the Butterfly Effect Nursery, under the house. We are hoping to make this a regular venue as it is a central location that offers plenty of inspiration. The dates for October are Sunday, 8th and Thursday 26th, 9:30am to 12 noon. If you would like to come along, just let us know by hitting the "I'll be there" button in the newsletter email.

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