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Innovative Inspire Hub Set to Redefine Artistic Community: Launch on December 8, 2023

Whitsunday, December 8, 2023 – Creative Connections Whitsunday Inc. is gearing up to introduce its much-anticipated Inspire Hub, poised to bring about a significant shift in the local art community. With the official launch scheduled for December 8, the platform is set to provide artists and art enthusiasts with a host of exciting opportunities.

Membership in Creative Connections Whitsunday Inc. will no longer be solely about reduced workshop and exhibition fees and commissions; it will open the door to a range of resources, opportunities, and creative endeavours.

The forthcoming Inspire Hub:

  • will grant members access to personalised profile pages and galleries, enabling them to exhibit their work to a diverse audience.

  • will foster a sense of community through interactive forums, encouraging members to participate in community challenges and engage in meaningful discussions.

  • will give creative businesses a unique space within the hub to promote their services and share relevant information and resources

  • will provide inspiration through the Challenge Lab, members can explore various artistic activities and resources for inspiration and skill development.

  • will be updated with new content regularly to keep you focussed on your artistic practice and development.

The Inspire Hub represents a significant step towards nurturing a more vibrant and interconnected artistic community in the Whitsunday region. Local artists and art enthusiasts have expressed their anticipation for the launch, emphasising the potential for the Inspire Hub to foster collaboration and provide valuable resources for artistic growth.

As the Inspire Hub prepares to reshape the way artists network, create, and progress, Creative Connections Whitsunday Inc. aims to become a central communication hub for the region's thriving art scene. Don't miss the chance to be part of this transformative journey towards expanding artistic horizons! For existing members, your profile pages will be set up and ready to complete prior to launch day, look out for an email coming your way with instructions on how to set up your profile. For those not yet members, explore membership options on our website and join the creative revolution.

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