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Membership - Is it worth it?

So what is all this hype about becoming a member of Creative Connections Whitsunday Inc, and why should I?

We thought we would give you a few more facts that answer some of the questions we have been asked recently.

Firstly what is included in a CCW Membership?

Discounts on Workshop & Exhibition fees. 10 to 50% discounts apply to members! Depending on the event. To take advantage of these discounts, apply for membership prior to exhibiting in order to save on commission 25% for members, 30% for non-members. It is too late once the artwork is sold. You can't bet on a horse after the race has been won!

Eligibility to exhibit in major exhibitions. Some of our exhibitions will be open to the public and some will be specifically for members. For example the Art Exhibition in conjunction with the Airlie Beach Race Week in August 2024 is for members only.

Eligibility to Exhibit in Pop-up Shops, CCW Market Stalls and Galleries. CCW is always on the lookout for exhibiting opportunities, when these arise, members will be able to jump onboard. Ultimately we would love a permanent Gallery but for now we take these opportunities whenever we can.

Social events, creative opportunities. Some events are open to the public, for example our fortnightly creative groups. But from time to time there will be opportunities reserved for members, for example, The Proserpine Hinterland Festival will have unique opportunities for member to be involved in creating sculptural rock wallabies for the Treasure Hunt. These wallabies will also be painted by those who specialise in painting. This event and others like it are especially for members.

Inspire Hub, which is opening soon, will only be available to members. The public will be able to see member profiles and gallery but they will not have access to exclusive challenges, forums, online competitions or any other online activity reserved for our members. This will be a safe environment for discussion, collaboration, and exhibition of your work through the Personal Profiles.

Personal Profile and Gallery, each member is allocated their own profile page and mini online gallery where they can showcase their work. This is still in the development phase but will be open to members at the launch this week. If you are already a member, you can access this element of the website now and upload your information ready for the public to see on launch day.

What is the difference between a Subscriber and a Member? Subscription is free and will keep you informed and up-to-date on events and information through emails and blog posts. A subscriber cannot access the members area on the website and is not entitled to membership opportunities.

Members pay an annual fee for the additional privileges, however an active member will well and truly save by having a membership. Membership for CCW is not about collecting funds, it is about creating a community and identifying support for the arts, the funds collected go straight back into the creative community. CCW is 100% volunteer run. We are here for each other and the advancement of the Arts in the Whitsundays.

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