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Three Creative Enterprises Honoured at Whitsunday Tourism Awards

In a night filled with excitement and anticipation, the Whitsunday region celebrated its thriving creative industry at the recent Whitsunday Tourism Awards. Three exceptional enterprises stood out among the nominees, each showcasing their unique contributions to the local community and tourism sector.

Three Little Birds Espresso, stole the spotlight by bagging an impressive trio of awards. Not only did they secure the coveted "Best of Queensland Dining" award, but they also clinched the "Award for Most Outstanding Whitsundays Hospitality Venue" and the "Award for Excellence in Customer Service by an Individual or Business." Joan Hunt, representing Three Little Birds Espresso, expressed her delight at the recognition. "We were so surprised to win 3 awards. We are very proud of what we have achieved." said Joan Hunt.

The second creative enterprise to shine was Whitsunday Creatives, which was named the "Proserpine Business of the Year." This is Proserpine's cozy hub for local arts and crafts, where community spirit and creativity intertwine in a welcoming setting.

The Great Barrier Reef Festival, a cherished event in the Whitsunday region, also secured its place in the spotlight by winning the "Festivals and Events" award. This iconic festival has been a staple in the Whitsundays, celebrating the region's natural beauty and cultural diversity through a vibrant blend of festivities, arts, and entertainment. The award recognizes the dedication and passion of the Great Barrier Reef Festival team in creating memorable experiences for locals and tourists alike.

The Whitsunday Tourism Awards highlight the exceptional creative talents and enterprises that have enriched the region, offering a diverse array of experiences for visitors and enhancing the quality of life for residents. As the awards ceremony concluded, there was a collective sentiment of pride and achievement among the creative partners in the Whitsunday region. CCW would like express our congratulations to these three wonderful organisations for their fantastic achievements.

In a region known for its stunning landscapes and natural wonders, the thriving creative industry continues to make its mark, contributing to the growth of tourism and the local economy. These awards serve as a testament to the hard work and dedication of those who have shaped the Whitsundays into a cultural and culinary destination worth celebrating.

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