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Trudy Hastings: Unveiling the Artistry of Creativity

22 January 2024, CCW

Introducing Trudy Hastings, our current CCW Feature Artist. Head over to her profile to check out her artworks.

In the heart of the Whitsundays, the artistic landscape has been graced by the talent of Trudy Hastings, our current Feature Artist. Born in the picturesque island of Bermuda, Trudy's creative roots run deep, with her parents instilling a love for art from an early age. Her father's skills as a pastry chef and sculptor, along with her mother's prowess in sewing and design, provided a nurturing environment for her burgeoning artistic spirit. Traveling as a young family, art galleries and museums were frequent destinations, igniting Trudy's passion for art at the tender age of five.


Trudy's artistic style can be described as contemporary, drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources that pop or inspire her. Her creative process begins with envisioning the end result, though she humorously admits that the journey often takes unexpected twists and turns. To foster her creative mindset, she maintains an organised and chaos-free workspace in what she dubs as her Trudio.


Her preferred mediums have evolved over the years, shifting from oils to acrylic and house paint, which she finds more manageable and easier to clean up. Trudy also incorporates gold and silver leaf as well as shellac into her artistic repertoire.


Throughout her artistic journey, Trudy Hastings remains committed to growth, with no single pivotal moment defining her career. She looks back on her earlier works with a sense of transformation and continued evolution.

Drawing inspiration primarily from her life experiences and inner world, Trudy strives to create art that leaves her audience with a sense of positivity and introspection. Her motivation to keep creating is relentless, seeing art in everything she encounters.


Trudy's impressive list of exhibitions includes a first prize at the Redland Art Awards in 2000, a sold-out show at Bruce Watling Galleries in 2002, and being crowned the local artist winner at the Whitsunday Arts Festival in 2021. She is also excited about her involvement in the Creative Connections Whitsunday project.


Despite facing self-doubt as a challenge, Trudy's advice to aspiring artists is simple yet powerful: "Own it and feel proud." Her future plans involve continued exploration of new techniques and collaborations within the Creative Connections Whitsunday community.


Trudy Hastings, with her contemporary flair and unwavering dedication to her craft, is a beacon of creativity in the Whitsundays, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter her art. Trudy will be adding new artworks to her gallery over the next few weeks, so look out for them in her CCW gallery.

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