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Wearable Arts Workshop: A Creative Experience with Christina Papadimitriou and Bernadette Russell

Updated: Jun 19

Accessory Creations

Creative Connections Whitsunday hosted an engaging wearable arts workshop to prepare participants for the Wilmar Sugar Wearable Arts Parade at the Great Barrier Reef Festival. This hands-on event was led by Christina Papadimitriou and Bernadette Russell from Wearable Art Creatives (WAC), a group founded in 2019 to showcase wearable masterpieces and conduct community workshops.

Wearable Arts Saturday
Saturday Group

The workshop took place over two days, with the Saturday session fully booked, reflecting the growing interest in wearable art in the Whitsundays. Attendees included both experienced artists and beginners, all excited to create unique pieces using up-cycled materials.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Pam Pole and her daughter, Sian, for generously sponsoring 12 school students from Bowen, Airlie Beach, and Proserpine to attend the workshops. Pam and Sian have been involved with wearable arts for many years and are dedicated to nurturing the creativity and talent of the next generation of enthusiasts.

Wearable Arts Sunday
Sunday Group

Christina and Bernadette began by sharing their expertise on designing wearable art, demonstrating simple techniques, and encouraging the use of sustainable materials. The workshop welcomed adults and students aged 12 and over, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Participants immersed themselves in the creative process, experimenting with various materials, textures, and colors. Christina and Bernadette provided personalized guidance, helping each participant bring their ideas to life. The collaborative atmosphere allowed for the exchange of ideas and techniques, fostering a sense of community and mutual inspiration.

By the end of the workshop, participants had created a unique wearable accessory, each reflecting their individual creativity and perspective. The success of the workshop was evident in the beautiful pieces produced and the connections formed among participants.

The event was not just about creating wearable art but also about building a supportive creative community. Participants left with new skills, confidence, and excitement for the upcoming Wilmar Sugar Wearable Arts Parade.

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