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Chloe Jones, Salty Dots: Capturing Nature's Essence One Dot at a Time

Updated: Apr 5

Shell Dots
Shell Dots

Chloe Jones, originally from Brisbane, has found her true artistic voice in the tranquil setting of Hydeaway Bay, Whitsundays. Three years after her move, Chloe's work, aptly named 'Salty Dots', has emerged from her deep connection with the natural world.  'Salty Dots' is a celebration of her journey, her skills as a Visual Arts Teacher and Photographer, and her profound connection to the natural world.

From an early age, Chloe was introduced to the world of art by her father, Billy Jones, whose 'atom dot' artworks left a lasting impression on her. “I was mesmerised” she reflects. Growing up in the remote outskirts of Woodford, she learned to appreciate the often-missed beauty in nature, a lesson that deeply influences her work today.

Chloe's art is characterised by its meticulous detail and monochrome palette, achieved through a stippling technique with fine tip ink pens. This method, inspired by her father’s work, allows Chloe to create intricate illustrations that capture the essence of her subjects with precision.

Her creative process is both meditative and disciplined, beginning with explorations of her natural environment and capturing photographs of marine life and other interesting finds. These moments of inspiration are then carefully transformed into stippled ink drawings, a process accompanied by rituals like lighting a candle and enjoying coffee, which help foster her creative mindset.

meticulous dots
Turtle Dots

Despite the challenges of perfectionism and the demanding nature of her technique, Chloe continues to evolve as an artist. Her work is not just a representation of her artistic talent but also her personal journey and connection to the Whitsundays. Through her art, Chloe hopes to share this connection, inviting her audience to appreciate the beauty and tranquility of her natural muse.

As she looks to the future, Chloe is excited to continue her artistic exploration and contribute to the CCW community. Her advice to aspiring artists is simple yet profound: find your inspiration, commit to your craft, and stay true to your unique vision. Chloe Jones's 'Salty Dots' is more than art; it's a reflection of a deeply felt connection to the world around her, inviting us all to see the beauty in the details.

Chloe will be adding new artworks to her gallery over the next few weeks, so look out for them in her CCW gallery.

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